What clients are saying about my work

I feel like I just got to hang out with an Angel.
— Andi Waisman, Education and Training Consultant
Thanks so much for your perspective. You feel like a magical tour guide along this wild trip that my life is. I am seeing it all and making the journey, but you are there with the microphone to name it and help me see what it means. I am now in 100% agreement with your views on my ability to manifest (rather than market)! It has been quite unreal. You are a blessing in my life!
— Amy Woolf, Color Consultant
I realize that my head starts getting mucked up if I go too long between talking things through with you. My brain works better with your brain along. :-)
— Val Nelson, Business/Life Coach
Working with Lisa was an amazing experience. She helped me analyze and categorize where I wanted to direct my personal growth work and helped me organize my thoughts, priorities, and actions. Lisa is approachable, thoughtful and kind ‐‐ but firm and focused. I highly recommend her as a personal coach. I learned so much and feel like I’m in a much better place because of our work together. Kinda like therapy, but with actionable results instead of tears and whining.
— Lexie Barnes, Creative Freelancer, Author and Mother of four boys
It’s fun working with you . . .and I really appreciate your help and guidance . . . and also your posing direct questions to me (i.e. about my fears of letting stuff go). . . and I feel really open to being with it all and moving forward in my life.
— Sharon R., Mother and Artist
Thanks for all your help and support of destroying and un‐creating any obstacles in the way of me feeling whole and authentic. I truly appreciate your ability and willingness to arrive and meet me in the depths of my being.
— Wendy Mooney, Massage Therapist
Thank you for providing and holding the space for me so wonderfully this afternoon. You are a gem!! Thank you so much!! What a relief to be in my space with actual space in it!
— Jenny Chapin, Yoga Teacher and Body Worker
Thank you for who you are, Lisa, not only for your skillful ways of being human being but also for your incomparable spirit.
— Carlyn Saltman, Executive Presence and Business Communication Coach; Career Coach at SIT Graduate Institute
Many years ago, my business was at a very low point and I was prepared to call the whole thing off! It was time to stop this nonsense of being in business and once again begin the dreaded job search. Knowing Lisa to be a life coach, I decided to call her for some quick, practical tips for reinterring the workforce - ten minutes, tops. I actually felt a little pride in my decision and was in no way prepared for what I got instead! An hour and a half later, I was performing CPR on my business with a passion I didn’t believe I was capable of. Years have gone by and my business and I are still the best of friends. What I’m most grateful for in that brief encounter with Lisa, is all the ways in which I have been able to make a difference in other people’s lives through this business that almost wasn’t. For such a brief encounter, that’s a pretty amazing return! But that’s Lisa…
— Jim, jsadlerdesign.com
I am so very grateful for your compassionate yet directed and clear presence and ways of Being with me. Our conversation, as did before, had a huge impact on me and for that I am so very grateful. Lisa, I am so grateful for you and your amazing ability to hold space for people like me.
— A.A., Visionary, Mentor, Musician
Thanks for the gentle spin you positively suggest in my life.
— Joan, Writer and Writing Group Leader
I really appreciate your time, insights, compassion, the list goes on.
— J. A., Office Manager
Thank you for your help, again, it still feels so orderly and alive around here.
— Julie Meyer, Landscape Designer, Gardens of Delight Landscaping
I love that I hired you! You hung in there through those times that were dicey. You are a guiding light. I feel like I have been in the laboratory. Now I feel like I can do this! I wish I could bottle this conversation! You are a present I give myself. You just offer such clarity and a basket of goodies.
— Carol Scheier, Quilter
Thank you so much for your amazing coaching – I feel much more clear about where I am going.
— Suzanne
— Betsy Port, Mother and Writer
She’s the best mover of energy I’ve ever worked with.
— Trish Casimira, Hypnotherapist
I believe that this is the change that has been waiting on my horizon for a long time. I also believe that your help in getting my house together brought this along. Thank god there are people out there who do the work you do and help folks like me!
— Tara Swinchat, Massage Therapist
Lisa’s gentle help in de‐cluttering my space in a few hours produced greater results in this area than years of therapy did. As part of the process she taught me to continue streamlining my life on my own.
— D. D., Engineer
I feel great, vibrant and happy, practicing resting in my breath and allowing my timeless wise woman to share the space with my 18 year old ‘Betty’. Lots of nice little life affirming gifts have been ‘popping up’ here and there. I appreciate your presence, questions, kindness, witnessing, holding space, encouragement and wisdom.
— L.F., Yoga Teacher
I have valued the unique angle and GOOD SENSE you offered me.
— M.F., Filmmaker
My whole life attitude has changed. I have much more of a can‐do attitude, without getting caught up in the must‐do part.
— T.H., Artist
Lisa, thank you so much for coaching me and for setting a financial scale that makes it possible for me to do such important self‐work. I like you. And I like your balance of calmness and challenge in questioning my motives in a compassionate and humorous way. I look forward to our next session and for the changes to come.
— Celia Hilson, Therapist and Coach
Thank you so much for the gift of your work with me. It is helping me so much in so many ways – I can’t begin to express it in words – but your gentle but firm presence is making a real difference in my life.
— Deborah Seidman, Writer
The coaching and compassion from you is a vital piece of who I am and who I am becoming in my ‘new life’. Thank you.
— Mahashakti, Life Coach