I charge by the hour. It's simple and gives us lots of flexibility for length and
frequency of sessions. I round to the nearest quarter hour. 

Block of 10 hours for $1500 = $150/hour
Block of 20 hours for $2700 = $135/hour
A la carte sessions $160/hour

It typically takes about six months to create sustainable meaningful results. Some people choose to continue for maintenance and further growth. 

It’s helpful to meet weekly at the start so you can really get some traction. Further along we can meet less often. I want you to use me where you need me, but run with it when you can. This is all about empowerment.

Cancellation Policy
I request a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Sometimes things come up unexpectedly and I get that, but I request payment for the time booked. The truth is that I energetically prepare for a session many hours before it occurs. It also gives you further incentive to dive into the sometimes scary but rewarding process that is change.

Do you offer any perks for referrals?
I love referrals because if you have a good sense of me it's the best way for me to connect with ideal clients.  I offer one free hour of my time in thanks for solid referrals.