How does the coaching work? 

There are Three Ways we can Work Together:

  1. Regular Coaching - We talk on a regular basis, perhaps every week or two for about an hour.  I do generally recommend that when you are start coaching, and are ready to make some change and move forward, it is ideal to plan on a minimum of three months.  Though you will find yourself making progress and feeling better right away, transformation takes a little time to build the foundation and create new patterns. 
  2. Flexible coachingwhere we create the coaching structure together based on what works for you. I find it’s usually best to have a more regular meeting structure in the beginning and then we can see what unfolds. Perhaps only meeting when you need some clarity or momentum, or a dose of accountability and the support of someone tracking your progress. Session length can vary too
  3. Mini retreats ‐ perfect for when you might be sitting with a bunch of questions or decisions that are a bit overwhelming. My home provides a perfect retreat space up on the mountain overlooking Taos. Sometimes you need a longer session (two hours or up to a full day) to let things unfold, to get to what's underneath that niggling feeling. Together we can untangle with care so you can truly move forward with clarity.
  4. The Clean Slate Program ‐ for when you know it’s time to clean your slate. You’re ready to dig in with a caring partner in a step‐by‐step process. It’s time to just get things done and tidied up so you’re ready for what’s next. Those chronically tense shoulders? A calling from your body to step back and reboot? The Clean Slate Program could be just the thing.  

  Let’s talk and figure out the best approach for you. 

 [Read about the Clean Slate Program here.]

How long are the coaching sessions?

Most sessions run about an hour but can run up to two hours.  I like keeping a loose back-end so we can stay with the conversation if it's really juicy, or if we're done, we're done.  I find that by simply giving a little more time and space for the conversation to unfold, can sometimes allow us to go to a much deeper level.  Sometimes we may decide to just do a shorter check-in between sessions.  We'll determine together how to plan around this.  I'm very flexible. 

Is talking by phone as good as talking in person?

Honestly, when I started coaching I was skeptical.  But now I believe coaching by phone is even better than talking in person.  Really.  I think it's easier to talk about more challenging things, shame in particular, without having to be face-to-face, but mostly because I hear every nuance in your voice and tone.  You can sit still or walk around depending on how you feel.  And it's darn convenient for both of us.  No driving.  Having a good headset makes it easy and comfortable.  

Can I talk to you from my car?

It's not a great idea to try and multi-task while having a session.  I want you to be able to give your full attention.  Try to schedule a session from a quiet private space where you won't be disturbed.  I know this isn't always easy or possible, but it does make a difference.  I also have a strong preference for land lines over cell phones if possible.  It makes for a clearer connection.  If you can only use a cell, that works too.  

How far do you travel for organizing?

It really depends on the scale of the job and a bit on my schedule.  Feel free to get and I can let you know if it will work. 

Do you charge for your travel time?

Only if it's over 45 minutes away, then I charge a fee prorated to $60/hour. 

Is there a minimum time requirement for you to come to my house?

I generally have a three hour minimum, but it will depend on where you are to some extent.  I think anything less can be a bit challenging to really get some work done. 

How much will it cost?

I charge by the hour, except for the Clean Slate Program.  I find it is impossible to know how deep or at what pace people will move at.  Hourly is simple and gives us lots of flexibility.

I charge $120/hour for coaching and $60/hour for organizing.  

If you pay in advance for a block of 10 hours, I will reduce the price by about 15%.  

10 hours of coaching for $1020

10 hours of organizing for $5oo

What's your cancellation policy?

I request a 24 hour notice for cancellations.  Sometimes things come up unexpectedly and I get that, but I request payment for half the hourly session rate unless I am able to fill that time slot.  The truth is that I find I energetically prepare for a session many hours before it occurs, so it's best to know in advance.  

Do you offer any perks for referrals?

I love referrals because if you have a good sense of me and we're a good match, it's the best way for me to connect with ideal clients.  I offer one free hour of my time in thanks for solid referrals.  

Do I need to clean before you come to my house?

No.  It's actually best for me to see your environment in it's most natural state so I can see what needs to be addressed.  That being said, sometimes once someone reaches out and sets up an appointment, they often find themselves inspired to dig in.  Go for it, but not with any pressure.  You can also just wait for me to get there.