We will begin
wherever you are. 

It starts with a conversation. 
It leads to clarity.

One of my greatest strengths is that I have a strong left and right brain. Sometimes I use intuition, other times I'll help you create a step‐by‐step plan. I love getting to do both.

Common challenges & Ideas for beginning


Find clarity in any area of your life. Whether you are grappling with a big decision, or trying to decide where to put your time and attention now. The decisions we make end up defining our lives. Choose consciously. 

Let's get started: What are the questions you are sitting with? Let's have a conversation. 


Create the space for what really matters. Get down to your desire—that quiet, nagging voice—give it a a blessing, a microphone, and get to work.

Let's get started: What you really want to be doing, or not doing? Sometimes this is buried below the things you think you should be doing.  Should be doing and Want to be doing are two different animals.

Time & Productivity

Life is full and it's not always easy to stay in the driver's seat. There’s no prescription for the right way to do things. We’ll design systems that work for you. I'm a fan of using the simplest systems possible. How we use our time ends up defining our lives, so it's an important conversation to have. 

Let's get started: Are you focusing on what's most important to you now? Which of your systems are working and which are not? We'll assess, refine and redesign as needed.

Entrepreneurs & Small Business

What’s holding you back? Internal challenges might be self-sabotage, lack of clarity, lack of inspiration, or too many ideas. External challenges could be lack of time and/or money or not living where your work is. We'll tackle these questions together.  

Let's get started: What's not clicking into gear? What are you tolerating? We'll dive in and redirect to laser your efforts. 

The amazing coaching you’ve given me this year has been a huge source of support for me. I’m still applying that energy. I can feel you in my head and my heart all the time. Thank you for all you’ve given me, for my life, my relationships, my work, and my overall wellbeing. Your ability to tune in and see what’s what is astounding and inspiring to me.
— Val Nelson, Business and Life Coach
I’m breaking old habits and you’re helping me introduce new habits. I am officially putting you into the category of miracle worker.
— Kim Gabert, Librarian
You are a very kind and sensitive listener and coach. It’s encouraging that maybe I am on the right path, and with your help that I can move along a bit faster. You always make me feel like I’m returning to see a good friend, who is encouraging and has great advice, and that’s a good thing.
— Mark Knox, Artist and Entrepreneur