Intuition and Decision Making

For years my husband and I grappled with the idea of moving from western Massachusetts out to Taos. After coming to Taos on our honeymoon and absolutely falling in love with it, we made a trip every year. It wasn’t so much a vacation as a pilgrimage. 

We felt this visceral pull to the place, and couldn’t help but look at real estate ads every time we came, and we definitely thought about moving. But after making lists of pros and cons, talking and analyzing we always came to the same conclusion: sadly, it just didn’t make sense to leave the wonderful life we had established, and the many family, friends, and community connections. 

Finally in 2013, on our annual trip I just got frustrated with the confusion and ongoing analysis. 

I threw up my hands and remembered, Oh, ask for Guidance!

And so we did. We asked the question and opened. 

The next 24 hours we were bombarded by signs and messages that we were in fact being called to move to Taos. 

Wait, what? You mean we could move here? In a strange way, it had never really occurred to me that we really could. 

I was ecstatic. I have rarely felt so free or excited about anything. 

It didn’t make sense on paper. And yet, we felt called in some way that we couldn’t explain. We had to let go of the analyzing and surrender to what was true. 

I find that when I am most impatient to figure something out, I tend to lean heavily on my mind and analysis, but this can lead to mental spinning and more confusion.  
I have learned that our rational minds can’t always lead us where we need to go.  

Clarity can be elusive at times. One of the best strategies I know for dealing with the frustration of not getting clear on something we need to make a decision about is to lean into our intuition. 

In this time of information overload, it is also increasingly important that we practice good discernment. We need to trust ourselves to discern what is true, what resonates, and where we should be putting our attention. 

So here are some more intuitive options for making decisions:

•    Define the question you want to answer.

•    Write it down and decide to be with the question for a period of time. 

•    Listen deeply.

•    Be still and quiet.

•    Be curious. 

•    Meditate.

•    Stop trying to figure it out. 

•    Journal, allowing unedited ideas.

•    Revisit or explore your values as possible criteria for making the decision. 

•    Pay attention with all of your senses – not just your mind – and notice signs and messages all around you.  

•    Notice doors that open and those that don’t. 

•    Ask for Guidance.  

•    Connect with your Spirit Guides.

•    Do a tarot card, angel card, or other reading.

•    Muscle test. 

•    Go for a walk.

How do you connect to your deeper knowing and wisdom?