Adults with ADD

Organization is often a challenge for adults with ADD, and this can get in the way of being effective and confident. As a coach and former organizer, I am grounded and pragmatic as well as gentle and understanding.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Achieve more control over your life.
  • Identify and work toward your goals.
  • Create structures for getting things done and staying on track.
  • Understand and accept who you are.
  • Have systems that actually work for you.
  • Breathe easier.

Amazing, thrilling! Everyone’s impressed. Our correspondence goes into the “LISA SAVE YOUR LIFE” folder.... Your work made and continues to make a big difference in my daily life. It’s a long haul to change habits, but I can really hear your voice loud and clear.
— P.S., Writer, Teacher and Mother
You are so good at what you do. Having facilitated people for years myself, I can appreciate a talented coach even more. It’s nice when it’s my turn to be helped that someone as sophisticated as you are there to help me.
— D.Z., Actress, Writer, Singer, teacher
I thought of you recently, appreciating the dramatic difference in my level of organization — and calm — from when we began. You have been a joy to work with. You’ve helped me to see my challenges in organizing as just being challenges. You helped me to find solutions and get out of a cycle of self‐blame and feeling less than about myself. I appreciate your integrity in asking hard questions with kindness. Thank you for helping to facilitate my growth.
— D.G., Development Director and Mother
Lisa has helped me to refresh my life when I feel stuck and overwhelmed. She has helped me to see clearly my own desires and my own path; she encourages me when I am feeling hopeless and helps me brainstorm steps to move my life forward. She has helped me to organize my home and get the clutter out so I can enjoy my own space and feel peace of mind in my day to day affairs. Always focusing on the positive, she helps me feel my own courage, and she can see clearly the heart of the people she serves without judgment.
— Aimee B., Educator