About Lisa

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I Believe:
We are all here for a reason.

What is possible for each of us is so much greater than we could ever imagine.

We need to pay attention to where things are flowing and where they are not.

Life is messy.  That’s okay.

Sometimes the most beautiful things about us are the most invisible to us. 

If the way we are living and working isn’t sustainable, we won’t be able to keep doing what we are here to do.

Sometimes what we are supposed to do doesn’t make sense on paper.  We get to make it up and do it our own way.  Sometimes we just need a little permission and blessing. 

Transformation can be easier than we think.

You are not alone, no matter how it may feel in the moment.

People are complicated and unique, and that’s how it should be.

There’s nothing better than a good conversation.

Who I Am
I am an explorer at heart. I’ve always been curious about how things connect and what lies around the bend. It’s true in the woods and it’s true in people.

I come from a strong line of women and in turn, value the company, sensibilities and wisdom of women.

I have a unique combination of the analytical and the intuitive.  I enjoy working with smart creative women, and a few good men, who do all kinds of interesting things in the world. 

I help people find clarity and make conscious choices in designing their lives. I have a way of helping people believe in themselves, navigate around barriers—real or imagined—and move forward.

I love helping people own their ability to manifest and work with the Universe.

I’m a big fan of common sense. 

A Little More Background
I have a certificate from the Coaches Training Institute (2003). A Masters of Science degree in Geology from UMass (1998). A Bachelor’s degree from Smith College (1990). When I finished graduate school in 2000 I had an opportunity to work in government. I soon realized that I wanted to work with people, not policies. I wanted to change people’s lives at the individual level. This brought me to coaching. I’ve been running my own practice for 17 years.

In 2017 I was certified as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer by Mike Dooley.