About Lisa

I believe we need to practice paying attention to where things are flowing and accept when they just are not. Life is messy. That’s okay.

-People are complicated and unique,
and that’s how it should be. 
-Transformation is inevitable. Isolation is an illusion.
-There’s nothing better than a good conversation.

I am an explorer at heart.  I’ve always been curious about how things connect and what’s right around the bend.  It’s true in the woods and it’s true in people.

I’m one of three daughters, my mother was one of four and grandmother was one of two.  I come from a strong line of women and in turn, value the company, sensibilities and wisdom of women.

I am a fan of common sense.

I have a certificate from the Coaches Training Institute (2003). Masters of Science degree in Geology from UMass (1998). A Bachelor’s degree from Smith College (1990). When I finished graduate school in 2000 I had an opportunity to work in the White House on Al Gore’s environmental team. I soon realized that I wanted to work with people, not policies. I wanted to change people’s lives at the individual level. This brought me to coaching. I’ve been running my own practice since 2000.